ActivitiesMy Nanny's Rewana


Time; 2 hours.
Participants: 5 minimum
Cost: $70 per person

Every Nanny passes down her way of making Maori bread. Paraoa is the Maori word for bread and rewena is the name of the rising agent used in the process. Some rewana strains have been passed down from generation to generation and this activity will show you how to make your own strain, called 'the bug'. The word rewena comes from the root word 'rewa', which is a potato. Rewena bread is made with fermented potato instead of yeast, which gives the bread a firmer texture.

This exercise;

  • encourages team-bonding through a shared experience
  • is quick simple and cost effective
  • is delicious most enjoyed hot with melted butter and jam and good conversation!



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