Team Building Sydney

The Warriors Way uses a unique approach for Corporate Team Building Sydney activities. The Maori people have a long history with Sydney and the popularity of the Maori culture, customs and practices is growing in international demand.

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The Warriors Way combines 3 areas of knowledge when designing activities, workshops and trainings;

  • Indigenous Knowledge
  • Academic Research
  • Managment Experience





Indigenous Aboriginal in Sydney

The Orginal inhabitants of the place where Sydney city now stands are called Barani.This word is translated as 'yesterday'.  The Indigenous people of Sydney have lived there for an extraordinary 40 thousand years. In 1788 when the locals were asked 'what is this place?', the answer they gave was 'werrong' or 'warran' which translates roughly as 'here...this place'. 


Maori People in Sydney
There is no known prehistoric contact between the New Zealand Maori and the Australian Aboriginals. The first Maori to visit Sydney were via European trading ships at about 1795. Maori chiefs traded with the Europeans in Australia and took back good for their people in New Zealand. by 1810 the Maori language was being spoken and heard on  Sydeny's docks and by 1840 an estimated 1000 maori had travelled overseas with the majority going to Sydney. There is still a thriving Maori community still living in Sydney.