Welcome to the Warriors Way

The seven Warrior Ways equips you with battle tools to assist you and your organisation.We develop and enhance individuals, teams and organisations by providing battle tools for life. Our battle tools are based on seven warriors themes. What warrior theme do you or your organisation need to be armed to go into battle?




Guidance and direction are workshops and activities that you will need to contact us, to deliver to your group or organisation, they are categorised into two areas;


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Sources of knowledge are resources and a free knowledge source that we provide on this website to assist the development of high performance within organisations, groups, teams and individuals. 

understanding through traditional knowledge      learning through research and theory      doing through tools and exercises


Looking for a unique approach for corporate team building activities?Warriors Way operates New Zealand and Australia wide via skilled presenters available in major centres. We are available for your Team Building Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Queenstown, and anywhere inbetween. Contact us for an indigenous perspective on your team building ideas. Join us for our indigenous team building games and other team building exercises.


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